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Mining and Crushing of Natural Stone (Gitty)

SA Infrastructure specializes in the meticulous extraction and crushing of natural stone, commonly known as Gitty. With precision and expertise, we harness the potential of this invaluable resource for a wide range of applications.

Construction Projects Execution

SA Infrastructure excels in executing diverse construction projects. With expertise and efficiency, we deliver exceptional results, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients in every endeavor we undertake.

Trading of Silicon Manganese

Actively engaged in the trading of silicon manganese, we bolster the metallurgical industry’s supply chain. This commitment underlines our dedication to the industry and our role in ensuring a seamless flow of high-quality materials.

Maintenance of Roads (Bitumen and Concrete)

SA Infrastructure ensures roads stay in prime condition. Using advanced techniques with bitumen and concrete, we expertly maintain road surfaces. Our precision work guarantees durability, ensuring safe and reliable transportation routes.

Supplier of Sand and Gitty

SA Infrastructure stands as a reliable supplier of top-quality sand and Gitty. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide materials of unmatched quality, meeting the specific needs of every project.

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