About Us

About Us

A Leading Force in Infrastructure Solutions

M/s SA Infrastructure is a dedicated proprietorship concern, established with a clear objective – to undertake and excel in Infrastructure and mining endeavors. Our primary focus encompasses the meticulous extraction and crushing of natural stone, commonly referred to as Gitty. Additionally we are also proud suppliers of Gitty. This means we provide this important material to those who need it. we’ve been entrusted with various construction projects by esteemed companies.

While our core operations revolve around mining and construction, SA Infrastructure also extends its expertise to the trading of silicon manganese. Furthermore, we are actively involved in the maintenance of roads, a vital process involving the crushing of stones using advanced stone crushers. This material is then expertly mixed with bitumen or concrete and meticulously applied to roads using rollers, pavers, finishers, and dumpers. The demand for such crucial work remains consistently high within the region.

Gitty Mining & Supplier

Our two 4-hectare mines at survey no. 3/1/1/1, Sawaliya Rundi, Morwani, Ratlam (M.P.) are vital to our operations. With a 10-year MP Government lease, we expertly extract and crush natural stone, known as Gitty.

Road Maintenance

We excel in road maintenance, ensuring lasting strength. Using advanced stone crushers, we crush stones and apply them with precision using top-notch equipment like rollers, pavers, and finishers.

Silicon Manganese Trading

We're proactively involved in trading silicon manganese, diversifying our portfolio. This demonstrates our dedication to leading the industry and meeting dynamic market needs.

Our Vision

Leading in ESG, we pioneer the natural resources sector. With sustainable practices and responsible resource use, we create lasting value and contribute to a sustainable future

Our Mission

To lead in the Gitti manufacturing and supply, setting industry standards for quality and innovation. We're also committed to excellence in road maintenance and trading of silicon manganese.


Our streamlined and innovative operations play a pivotal role in driving India's robust economic growth, while ensuring the successful execution of complex and demanding projects

Our Manufacturing Plants

SA Infrastructure’s manufacturing plants for natural stone (gitty-aggregate) stand as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Endowed with a 10-year lease granted by the MP Government, these mines are situated at survey no. 3/1/1/1, Sawaliya Rundi, Morwani, Ratlam (M.P.), covering a sprawling area of 4 hectares each.

Key Features of the Plant

  • Easy Availability of Key Raw Materials
  • Skilled Labor Force
  • Water Supply
  • Efficient Transportation

The Sand and Gitti Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Raw Material Crushing Process

Our process kicks off with the crushing of coarse, hard rock deposits, mainly consisting of granite. These rocks undergo meticulous processing in advanced crushers. Through precision engineering, they are then carefully segregated into distinct fractions.

Step 2: Sand Refinement Process

The sand obtained in this process moves on to the next stage of refinement. This crucial step involves thorough sieving and washing. Here, meticulous attention is given to removing fine particles and impurities. This stringent process results in a final product of superior quality, characterized by its refined and high-grade composition.

Step 3: Delivering High-Quality Sand

At SA Infrastructure, we take immense pride in our manufacturing process. Starting from raw materials, we meticulously craft high-quality sand that meets the most demanding industry standards. Our commitment to excellence shines through every step of the way, ensuring that our final product serves as a cornerstone for various construction endeavors.

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